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"Mike did an outstanding job. He is truly a take-charge, no-nonsense individual who has the ability to challenge an individual or group and hold people accountable to achieve maximum results.

"His leadership abilities have made a remarkable difference in our business in a short period of time."

- Business Owner


"Mike is excellent at analyzing the numbers and trends of business entities. His background as a CPA and successful business owner have given him a complete set of talents and experiences to help improve bottom line results. He is experienced with working through difficult situations to achieve desired outcomes."



"Mike brings a gift to the world of executive-level consulting. He has a remarkable ability to bring out open and meaningful conversations quickly. In particular he offers immediate and useful advice in each session."

- Business Owner


"Mike is a great businessman with insights into how a business should be run and managed (there is a difference). He makes everyone better and develops the desire to reach the high standards and goals Mike sets for himself and others. I can recommend him to anyone or any group looking for a professional that brings real life experience and the desire to help others become better than they are today. You always get 100% from Mike and he makes you want to grow, learn, participate and reach that level as well."

- President


"Mike has the ability to quickly digest numbers, analyze them and communicate a plan leading to success. He is a leader as well as being a neat guy to work with. He has high expectations of himself and maintains a clear focus on issues and solutions. He is a fine communicator and is able to handle both positive and negative information successfully."

- Business Owner


"Mike has the keen ability to drill down on a topic and identify the problem areas. He asks the hard questions that need to be answered by the client. He brings the leadership group to the resolution and puts into place a proactive game plan.

"Mike identified problems that were going unrecognized by our business. He talked to me about the pro's and con's. Then we had a very candid conversation about what could happen if the problems were not addressed immediately! I highly recommend Mike to any business owner seeking improvement."

- Business Owner


"Over the course of six months Mike and I worked closely together on the financial and organizational structure of our District Athletic Program. With committee participants representing a variety of backgrounds, there was often conflict and occasionally confrontation. While setting limits, Mike managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect on the participants because of Mike's exceptional skill and professionalism.

"Mike will be coming to you with qualities of a natural leader: genuineness, intelligence, and integrity. Just as importantly, he will bring enthusiasm for learning and networking, as well as a resolute desire to understand new ideas."

- High School Athletic Director


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