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Mission and Values

"When aligned around shared values and united in a common purpose, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary results and give their organization a competitive advantage."*


See Change Management is committed to working closely with business leaders and teams in the realization of their full potential in the midst of personal and organizational transformation. Our success is measured by the degree of successful transformative change of our partners. Our value proposition includes realization of a compelling economic and psychic rate of return by our partners on their investment in our relationship. Mutual Respect



The success of our partnerships is predicated on the sharing of a common set of values. All of See Change Management's actions are driven by an enduring commitment to:

  • Trust, Integrity and Fairness
  • Mutual Respect
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Acceptance of Accountability
  • Giving Back to the Community

If the above values are meaningful to you, we look forward to the opportunity to work together.

If you haven't formulated your personal or organizational values, we'd like to help in that process as:

"In an organization managed by its values, there is only one boss-the Company's Values."*


*Managing by Values, How to Put your Values into Action for Extraordinary Results, Ken Blanchard, Michael O'Connor


"Mike has the ability to quickly digest numbers, analyze them and communicate a plan leading to success.

"He is a leader as well as being a neat guy to work with. He has high expectations of himself and maintains a clear focus on issues and solutions. He is a fine communicator and is able to handle both positive and negative information successfully."

- Business Owner

"Mike has the keen ability to drill down on a topic and identify the problem areas. He asks the hard questions that need to be answered by the client. He brings the leadership group to the resolution and puts into place a proactive game plan.

"Mike identified problems that were going unrecognized by our business. He talked to me about the pro's and con's. Then we had a very candid conversation about what could happen if the problems were not addressed immediately! I highly recommend Mike to any business owner seeking improvement."

- Business Owner

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