About Us - When aligned around shared values and united in a common purpose, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary results and give their organization a competitive advantage.
Why See Change Management?Why See Change Management?

See Change Management offers a unique combination of attributes dedicated to one goal: assisting leaders and organizations in realizing their full potential through successful transformation


Your personal and business transformation is our only priority. We seek to align ourselves with partners that share our passion for personal and professional excellence. We manage the number of our active partnerships so that no single partner is shortchanged in our time commitment necessary for their successful transformation.


With over 25 years of transformative experience as a business owner and senior executive, our Founder has been in your shoes. He has lived your challenges. We rarely come across situations that we have not seen and successfully addressed. The combination of this entrepreneurial and executive experience serves to create a peer partnership dedicated to a single common purpose; your success.

PROCESS: Rock Climbers

Our solution tools are time and partner tested to provide pathways to successful transformation. With the appropriate personal and organizational commitment, they can be relied upon to provide a foundation for successful leadership and organizational transformation.


See Change Management has established a broad network of intermediary relationships that will be helpful to your future success. These include bankers, accountants, attorneys, insurance specialists, investment bankers, private equity groups, and others that can assist in meeting all of your personal and business growth challenges.


As a prior business owner, our Founder has a deep appreciation for the financial and organizational challenges of transforming a business. Accordingly, we are committed to a value proposition that meets the needs of the leaders and organizations we partner with.


Success from our partnership arises from significant transformations in your personal leadership, management team, employees and culture. You will personally bear a significant responsibility for the success of these business changes. This will prove to be an exciting, developmental growth opportunity for you in your position as leader of your organization.


Selected Transformation Articles

  • Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail, John P. Kotter , Harvard Business Review, March-April 1995 Read online
  • What is Strategy, Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business Review, November-December 1996 Read online
  • What Leaders Really Do, John P. Kotter, Harvard Business Review, December 2001 Read online



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