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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders:

As noted in our client listing, the challenges of continuous self-improvement and personal/organizational transformation are common to leaders in organizations of all sizes and industries. Accordingly, our transformative solutions are well suited for all individuals assuming the critical leadership role.

Organizations:Organizations in Transformation

While our Leadership, Culture and Planning solutions have proven effective in organizations of all sizes and industries, See Change Management is specifically targeting transformative driven companies that are:

  • Experiencing some form of “revolutionary" change
  • In the midst of some "shock event"

Organizations in this transformative state are faced with a pressing need to re-examine or redefine their business foundation. Our experience is ideally suited to provide enduring value to this re-examination exercise.

Companies in this exciting sector include:

  • Organizations in TransformationOrganizations whose financial performance has plateaued and are in need of cultural or strategic planning and revitalization
  • Businesses whose adverse financial performance has resulted in their being cash constrained, closely monitored by their stakeholders or that require financial restructuring/recapitalization plans
  • Organizations with new leadership looking to establish a dynamic culture or strategic re-direction
  • Family-owned businesses with second/third generation leadership who could benefit from experienced assistance in the successful transformation of their company
  • Companies looking to improve their infrastructure and financial performance in anticipation of a future business transition
  • Entrepreneurs looking for the structure and processes to take their organization to the next level
  • Emerging organizations reaching an initial critical mass requiring leadership development, team/cultural transformation or the implementation of critical organizational planning for the first time
  • All those looking to successfully transform their business for greater profitability and growth



Critical Stages of Business Growth:

  • Churchill, Neil C. and Lewis, Virginia L., "The Five Stages of Small Business Growth", Harvard Business Review, May-June 1983 Read online
  • See Change Management BrochureGreiner, Larry E., "Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow", Harvard Business Review, May-June 1998 Read online
  • Download our brochure [PDF]

"Mike brings a gift to the world of executive-level consulting.

"He has a remarkable ability to bring out open and meaningful conversations quickly. In particular he offers immediate and useful advice in each session."

- Business Owner

"Mike is a great businessman with insights into how a business should be run and managed (there is a difference). He makes everyone better and develops the desire to reach the high standards and goals Mike sets for himself and others. I can recommend him to anyone or any group looking for a professional that brings real life experience and the desire to help others become better than they are today. You always get 100% from Mike and he makes you want to grow, learn, participate and reach that level as well."

- President

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