The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic. -Peter Drucker
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Guiding Personal & Organizational Transformation

The term "sea change" was penned by Shakespeare in his classic, "The Tempest". It has come to embody the concept of "transformation" or "significant change".  See Change Management was founded on the principle that a single, trusted advisor could offer the skills and coaching necessary to effect profound leadership and organizational transformation.

See Change Management's advisory model is specifically directed towards those dedicated leaders who desire to “see change” in their current situation and acknowledge the need for external “change management” assistance. Our holistic coaching approach is designed to clarify the leadership role while enhancing a leader's overall capabilities, provide a team building model for dealing with organizational dysfunction, develop a dynamic strategic planning and goal setting process and, where needed, lead financial restructuring and profit improvement initiatives.

The impact of our change management solutions are far reaching and include:

  • Successfully managed personal, leadership, and organizational change
  • Highly motivated leaders and employees striving to achieve their full potential
  • Trusting, accountable teams engaging in constructive conflict to improve performance
  • Formalized strategic and financial planning that provides a roadmap for success
  • Aligned organizational and individual goals and metrics
  • Processes and structures that support business and employee success

These important results, all focused on increasing profitability, arise from the following three advisory areas critical to organizational change:

Leadership - Providing the leadership coaching model and structure necessary for the leadership transformations required to personally and professionally meet the increasing and challenging demands of every organization.

Culture - Introducing a team building model addressing the trust, conflict, accountability, commitment and focus on results necessary for team success. Facilitating the development of a strong company mission, vision, and set of values necessary to provide a basis for transforming organizational conduct and culture.

Planning - Leading a dynamic, organizational strategic planning process that assesses a company's competitive market forces, the organization's uniqueness, competitive advantage, value proposition and relative strengths/weaknesses and formalizing key initiatives/goals, metrics and detailed action plans necessary for organizational transformation. In addition, where necessary, corporate restructuring plans are prepared and implemented to guide necessary financial transformation.

The above solutions, individually or combined, provide a pathway for the successful personal and organizational transformation necessary to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Why See Change Management?

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Case Studies

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