Case Studies
Case Studies

Successful Entrepreneur in need of Leadership Coaching


Construction Case StudyThis high energy, driven entrepreneur had been experiencing a recessionary decline in his transaction related business.  This reduction in deal flow was resulting in a negative impact on both how he felt about himself, his work, his business partner and how he interacted at home with his family.

As his children were approaching college age, he had a strong desire to strengthen these relationships but was torn with how to balance more time with his family and continue what had previously been his prior 24/7 work schedule.  

In addition, for over a decade, he had been sharing equally the profitability of his business with an operating partner. Over the prior three years, the profit generation and commitment to the business of the other operating partner had significantly declined. The entrepreneur was seeking some means of arriving at an alternative, more equitable distribution of the combined  earnings of both partners.


See Change Management’s engagement consisted of:

  • Providing a leadership coaching curriculum focused on increasing emotional intelligence,  identifying personal strengths/weaknesses, maximizing personal productivity, establishing business/family balance and formalizing personal/business goals for the upcoming year

  • Engaging in weekly coaching sessions challenging the progress being made on the goals established in the coaching curriculum and troubleshooting specific current leadership issues  

  • Sharing business insights as to how to enhance the entrepreneur’s networking capabilities and overall business strategy

  • Discussing with the entrepreneur alternatives and next steps in dealing with the challenges of his unproductive operating partner



As a result of the above evolutionary process, the entrepreneur:

  • Significantly increased his own self awareness and self regulation, resulting in an improved ability to manage the intensity of his impulses and behaviors

  • Formalized business and family goals for the upcoming year which served as a roadmap for focusing and managing his day to day activities

  • Established a work/life balance that included dedicating time for each family member in addition to committing to family vacations and other key activities. Relationships with all members of his family have dramatically improved

  • Engaged in a networking methodology that has significantly increased the number of transaction sources and financing participants resulting in increased deal flow and profitability for his business

  • Addressed successfully the disproportionate commitment and profit sharing with his operating partner, resulting in a new profit sharing model directly related to personal performance

See Change Management continues in a coaching capacity with the entrepreneur as he builds on the significant progress he has already made in all aspects of his life.


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Company Feedback:

I knew I was on the right track when my 17-year old daughter said, “Dad, this coaching thing must be working, you’ve really changed for the better.”

I have been working with Mike Kutchin from See Change Management in a coaching relationship since August, 2011. I had been seeking a coach for over a year to help me through a very specific business challenge but had not found an individual that I felt comfortable or confident enough with to begin the process. My decision to work with Mike has proven to be a “game changer” for me in ways I had not foreseen.

Mike has been very effective in coaching me toward solutions to my business challenges. Just as importantly, he has provided an environment for me to safely explore and resolve other significant personal and life balance issues that will contribute to increased satisfaction in all areas of my life. Both my work and my personal life have greatly benefitted from my coaching relationship with Mike.

-Business Entrepreneur



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