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Case Studies

Community Non Profit in need of Leadership Coaching and Strategic Planning

Non Profit Case StudyAssessment Summary:

Contributions to this prominent community non-profit had plateaued for two years while the need for its food, clothing, senior and social services continued to escalate. The original faith based volunteer and Board of Director's model, while still robust, was no longer meeting the needs of the community constituency. Acceptance of the status quo was prevailing amongst leadership and staff. Major redirection of the organization was necessary to increase funding sources and enhance services to meet the growing community demand.

See Change Management originally became engaged in a pro bono coaching effort with Executive Director to assist in the changes necessary to transform the organization. This role expanded to eventually leading the Board of Directors.


Significant impactful organizational changes were implemented, including:

  • Establishment of a new, community led, board of directors
  • Implementation of a Strategic planning process
  • Development and execution of a targeted funding plan
  • Significant expansion of the organization's food pantry model
  • Transition to new leadership

The strategic planning process resulted in a redefinition of the organization’s mission and establishment for the first time of organizational values

Community cash and in-kind contributions increased over 40% in 2 years to over $1.1 million. The new, community based strategic redirection of the organization resulted in a major increase in local volunteer engagement and scope of service offerings.

The expansion in the food pantry model provided a two year increase of over 75% in food distributed to neighbors to over 425,000 pounds/annually.

The original Executive Director self selected themselves out of the leadership role. The new Executive Director has successfully transitioned to leading the ongoing growth of the organization. Overall support and visibility has significantly increased, thereby decreasing the gap between organizational resources and community needs.

With the strength of the community led board and new Executive Director, See Change Management has transitioned out of a continuing advisory role.


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Company Feedback:

"Mike is a very effective communicator and facilitator, demonstrates great strategic thinking capabilities, and possesses extensive business acumen.

"Thru his guidance and vision, the Board and underlying organization achieved unparalleled progress on initiatives ranging from governance, to fund raising, to program excellence. He is an extremely capable and effective leader."

- Business Owner and Board Member

"Mike was a key person in leading our organization through a transition of its board of directors, driving revenue growth and implementing key governance policies for the organization. He accomplished this by gaining input and support from each stakeholder, clearly explaining the goals that needed to be accomplished and holding each person accountable to what needed to be done, including himself."

- Senior Bank Executive and Succeeding Board President

"Mike's leadership and approach helped us bring resolutions to our many challenges and experience two record years of fundraising. His leadership can be summed up in three distinct areas: (1) education, (2) accountability, and (3) partnership. He was instrument in building a business foundation for the organization to grow stronger and provide additional services to the community it serves."

- Business Owner and Board Member

"Mike was the momentum behind much of what the board has achieved during its transition period. The success was dependent on swift, time sensitive decisions. The benefits to the community continue to be impressive due to his efforts and leadership."

- Business Owner and Board Member

Built to Last-Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

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