Team Building

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry FordRowing Team

Nothing is more important to the development of an organization's high performance culture than a team having a set of shared values, beliefs and norms of behavior. See Change Management's Team Building solution directly addresses the following team related challenges that are instrumental to successful cultural transformation:

  • Do all members of your team trust each other? Is there agreement as to what trust means in a team environment?
  • Is conflict amongst team members embraced or avoided?
  • Does your team reach clarity and buy-in to all decision making, thereby producing commitment by all members of decisions made?
  • Do team members proactively hold each other accountable for their performance?
  • Is a focus on results part of your current team culture?

Our Team Building solution assesses and lays the foundation for establishing consistency in attitudes and behaviors as they relate to team and organizational excellence. Our process begins with a survey providing feedback as to how "functional" key employees believe the current leadership team is. The results of the survey sets the stage for rigorous developmental sessions defining each of the concepts highlighted above and exploring the respective applications and implications in a high performance, team based setting.

Obtaining clarity as to what constitutes effective team performance is an integral step in achieving successful cultural transformation. See Change Management’s Team Building solution provides leaders with the opportunity to initiate this important cultural change process.

Coaching Process and Result Summary

Developmental Solution Summary

  • In today's business, the team leader is the main link between the organization's goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality. Read More (PDF)
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
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