Skill Development

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." - John Heider

Management and employee development is an integral component of cultural transformation. See Change Management offers a number of valuable developmental solutions geared towards behavioral change and improved results. These solutions help address many transformational challenges, including the following:

  • Are all the skills necessary for growth present in your current organization?
  • Are your employees as productive as they possibly can be?
  • When employees are promoted to managerial positions, are they provided developmental guidance as to how to effectively assume their new role?
  • Do all your employees share the same perspective on what constitutes outstanding customer service?
  • Is your sales team generating the growth consistent with your organizational needs?

Applying new skillsOur solutions make an important distinction between training and development. Training is teaching people new skills. Development is getting people to apply the skills and knowledge they possess more effectively and more often. Our programs are focused on people development.

A key part of our personal and organizational developmental process is the use of "Spaced Repetition" which is the continued reinforcement of a concept over a period of time. This has proven to be a far more effective method of personal and professional development than when compared to a single seminar or event.

Our developmental solutions are offered in the following areas:

All developmental solutions are directed toward contributing to sustainable, positive behavioral change necessary for cultural transformation.

ASK + Goals = PBC - IR
  • Improved results (IR) (e.g. organizational transformation) arise through the achievement of positive behavioral change (PBC). Behavioral change requires the combination of positive attitudes (A), appropriate skills (S) and knowledge (K) with an effective goal setting process (Goals). See Change Management’s solutions focus on all these key variables in producing positive behavioral change.
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