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Case Studies

Technical Product Manufacturer in need of Leadership Coaching, Team Building and Strategic Planning


Construction Case StudyThe entrepreneurial founder of this highly specialized technology product business (core business) had successfully established a global customer base and above market profitability for almost two decades. He had recently spent the last eighteen months engaged in launching a new bio-technology company with partners unrelated to his core business whose growth, absent his leadership, had plateaued.

Upon his return to the core business, the founder felt challenged in his leadership capacity in dealing with his now dysfunctional team. He personally questioned his desire to lead the team  and refocus the organization on profitable growth.
Because of his growing external interests, the founder also began to assess the need to examine an exit strategy from his core business. This was enhanced by his recent purchase of an out of state second residence and a decreasing desire to fully commit himself to the core business.

The entrepreneur approached See Change Management to assist him in bringing focus to his leadership and team challenges.


See Change Management’s engagement consisted of:

  • Providing a leadership coaching curriculum directed at increasing emotional intelligence,  identifying personal strengths/weaknesses, maximizing personal productivity, establishing business/family balance and formalizing personal/business goals for the upcoming year

  • Engaging in weekly coaching sessions accelerating the progress being made on the goals established in the coaching curriculum and troubleshooting specific current leadership issues

  • Addressing the multiple team dysfunctions arising from his absence from the organization. This included introduction of a team building model detailing the trust, conflict, accountability, commitment and focus on results necessary for organizational success

  • Facilitating the process of establishing a company mission, vision and values to drive organization conduct

  • Leading an organizational strategic planning process resulting in an assessment of the company’s operating environment and competitive forces, the organization’s uniqueness, competitive advantage and value proposition, the company’s relative strengths/weaknesses and formalizing the upcoming year’s key initiatives/goals and detailed action plans.

  • Assessing exit plan opportunities and connecting the owner with financial intermediaries skilled at taking his firm to market



As a result of the above evolutionary process:

  • The founder effectively assumed a short term, active leadership role in re-engaging the organization

  • A new senior executive was hired to provide ongoing team guidance in the founder’s absence

  • The management team agreed upon a mission, vision and values to lead the organization

  • Specific, measureable goals were established for the organization and each key manager

  • The founder continued to pursue his activities outside the organization. Having clarified that this core business interest was now short term, exit strategy discussions related to the potential sale of the business were actively pursued

  • Within nine months, the organization was sold at an attractive multiple of EBITDA to a global organization seeking to enter this niche marketplace. The founder willingly accepted a new, challenging leadership role with the acquiring company

  • See Change Management continues in a coaching capacity with the entrepreneur, now in a  key executive position with the global acquirer


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Company Feedback:

"In the spring of 2012, I engaged Mike Kutchin of See Change Management to provide a strategic planning, team building and leadership development program for the senior management team. Part of this program included Mike coaching me, one on one, as business owner to become a more effective leader. As a result of Mike’s coaching and team building, our management has learned how to work with one another in setting priorities and goals. The company has evolved from individuals serving an internal master to a team of people combining their experiences and skill sets to effectively serve a global market.

"For the past year, we have been working effectively on our projects and solving the right problems. As part of our strategic planning, Mike guided us through a SWOT analysis that has provided us with a road map for expanding our product line and increasing our sales. For the first time in my 17 years as owner, I now have managers looking out to see where we can go instead of reacting to a day-to-day event or crisis. We are now very excited about the future. "

- Business Owner


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